November 14, 2010

Table Skirt Love

As our house continues to fill and overflow with toddler toys, I have found myself needing more storage to hide the craziness!  I have finally decided to banish the clutter with something that I love... a skirted table!  I just had a console table built for our family room (you could also buy an inexpensive table from ikea, west elm or even a garage sale - we just needed a custom size to fit the space)... The table was designed like Jan Shower's Manhattan table below, with an upper shelf for small baskets and our media electronics and the lower space is lined with baskets holding all of my 20 month old's toys... woohoo to hidden clutter!  I am about to send 6 yards of platinum linen and an awesome greek key trim sent to a workroom this week for the custom table skirt... see the design board below with my actual fabric and trim.  I plan to pile on pretty books and one of my favorite lamps to soften the lines of the television - and will be sure to post a picture when it is finished! 
Here are some other great skirted tables.  I tend to gravitate towards the more tailored look with pleated corners and trim, but you can also drape a nice silk or linen over any table for a more relaxed look.  Skirted tables look fabulous in an entry, as a buffet in your dining room, for a tv console, to cover a dining table, or even as a bathroom vanity.  

These may inspire you to add STORAGE and STYLE in your home with your own skirted table!

Phoebe Howard
Tom Scheerer
Urban Grace
Jan Showers
via Domino Magazine
via Cote de Texas
via Cote de Texas
John Saladino
Pam Pierce
Below are a few table skirts all by designer Grant Gibson, who obviously loves a good table skirt!  I love how you can see different ways he uses the first table, which is actually in his own home.  Notice he shows it with a glass top and without... you could also top with marble or other stone!

Another designer, who I personally adore, that loves skirted tables is Palmer Weiss.  Here are a couple of her takes on the style...

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