March 1, 2013

Rustic Charm

Living and working in Texas, I often get clients who want to decorate with a nod to their Lone Star roots without feeling like they live at the cattle ranch.  Is it possible to blend rustic pieces with a fresh and updated design palette?  YES!  The key is to bring one or two simple elements into each room, but always paired with simple classic elements and clean lines.  This look very is comforting and inviting, so kick up your boots and look around for awhile!

This reclaimed wood wall has the perfect blend of tones and patina in each board.  I am actually installing an accent wall just like this in one of my client's houses in a couple of weeks.  I hope ours turns out this great!

I fell in love with the goatskin stool the first time I saw it at Mecox Gardens a couple of years ago.  This is for the Metropolitan Cowboy.

This console table is "faux bois" which is actually poured concrete.  This would look great in an entryway or hallway.

Barn doors are a fabulous way to bring either a rustic or equestrian feel to any home.  They are suprisingly versatile and can range from very raw and natural to super slick and modern in style.  FYI I do NOT like this rug.

For you animal lovers out there, here is a nice "faux antler chandelier".  Stick to simpler lines when it comes to these so they don't get too busy and heavy.
The Barn Light Electric company has a plethora of restyled barn light fixtures that make farm life look chic.
It is no secret that I LOVE a good hide rug.  Some of my favorites include natural ivory, brindles and really any solid colors.  This one is so yummy! 
These petrified wood stools couldn't be cooler!  These would be amazing spread around a patio or even used as stool around an al fresco dining table.

I am so enamored by the beauty of horses.  Natural Curiosities has a great collection of equestrian beautry shots that will take your breath away.  They can be framed many ways, but my favorite is mounted on slubby linen in an acrylic museum frame.

Relaxation ranch style.  Enough said.

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