December 1, 2011

Paris J'Adore

My hubby and I recently returned from an incredible anniversary trip to London and Paris which I will happily re-live with you!  One of the highlights of the trip was my first trip to the famous Paris Flea Market or Les Puces de Saint-Ouen.  (Oh, and did I mention the day ended with a wine festival and fireworks over Sacre Couer?)
First, let me introduce you to our lovely friends Bryan and Laura, who were our fellow explorers!  They are captured in a few of my pictures and I didn't want you to think I was stalking anyone. 
How charming are these little streets?  Just shop after shop full of treasures.  You will have a very pleasant experience with the help of a few unspoken rules... be polite (say bonjour, merci and au revoir), attempt to speak a little French and ALWAYS ask before you take pictures!  
The French have mastered many things... one of them being the art of a great chair!
 Now those are some sexy legs!
 I love the hardware and curves of this piece and the natural finish is yummy!
 A great pair of comfy bergeres that even a man would love!
 Okay so this is a little ornate for my taste, by you have to appreciate the detail!  Could be really striking in an otherwise simple and monochromatic room.
 Oh, my love of starburst mirrors... I'll have one of each please.
I just loved this lighting sculpture, but it would have to have a very special home... I think my friends Hilary and Drew could pull this off!  
 This window vignette caught my eye...
 How fantastic would this be in a little boy's room?!?  Unexpected and lots of character.
 I would keep the finish on these chairs and recover in a luxe solid, like mohair or velvet.
All this hard work of "window licking" (the french term for window shopping) left us famished.  Good thing we found Le Paul Bert... to die for food and fantastic hot chocolate!
Oh the French and their attention to detail... just look at the way my french onion soup was served.  Mouth watering now.
... and a Croque Madame?!?  I assure you this is NOT how french women stay thin.
 I LOVE the detail of the legs on these chairs - with the dainty bronze sabots.  And they would work beautifully in a traditional or modern room!
 Thinking these chairs would be really smart with a coat of high gloss paint and covered in a supple leather!
This settee is precious... wouldn't change a thing.  And I love the rug too.
Wow the patina in this daybed is wonderful...  I need this!
Um, yes please.  These are just what I need to go with the saarinen style table in our breakfast room.
This little cocktail table would be amazing indoors or out.  Perfect versatility for unpredictable Texas weather.
Making nice with a sweet shop dog at one of my favorite stops... maybe I could score a discount on the fabulous daybed and chairs I was eyeing!

And to my clients... Here are some dreamy pieces that made me think of you!
This creamy grey and ivory trompe l'oeil buffet would be perfect for your dining room Susan.  Just what the design doctor ordered!
 Kathryn, these rich leather chairs have the perfect worn look for the cozy gameroom.  Paired with the rich velvets and houndstooths in the room... these would be a knock out.  
This table has Meg written all over it!  Maybe we can make a breakfast table version?  Love the aged paint finish on the metal legs and of course the pretty stone top.  Very french, but with a modern feel. 
Okay, so this picture doesn't do the sofa justice, but I was going incognito, as we were banned from taking pictures.... oops.  Ginny this piece would feel right at home in your living room with the feminine curves and lots of personality!
 And this coffee table would be fabulous in LeeAnn's family room - finished off with a stone top for a little contrast.  It even has that little touch of bronze... just for you!  
And for my MOST important client... my 2 year old son.  These would make me a sensation among the toddler set.  Merry "pretend" Christmas baby!

November 12, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

If you are counting down the days to start trimming your tree, then head on over to my holiday blog to hear my thoughts on how to ring in the season!

October 30, 2011

Happy Haute Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and the beginning of a season full of holidays!   Visit my holiday decor blog "Chateau Mistletoe" for some last minute ideas to lure in some lucky trick-or-treaters!

July 13, 2011

All Grown Up

Okay so anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to entertain!  Some people dread the thought of it, but I love to go all out and have a blast planning events.  Of course my favorite part is setting the "scene" for whatever the occasion may be.  So I guess it's no surprise that my favorite room in our house is our Hollywood Regency inspired dining room! 

Helen Mirror from Jan Showers Collection and sconces are Oscar de la Renta for Oriental Accent
My amazing grandparents were kind enough to give us their 1920's Japanese inspired Chippendale dining room furniture that I have adored since I was a little girl.  When Nana and Papa purchased the table, chairs and buffet at an auction in the 60s it even came with a sweet love story, as it was originally given as a wedding gift from a groom to his new bride in the 1920s... ahhhh, now that's a wedding gift!  I actually have an old newspaper clipping describing the auction and their particular purchase which is a neat piece of history for us to treasure!

I would love to know more about the history of this furniture, so if there are any furniture buffs out there please educate me!!!  All I really know is that it was purchased in the 1920's, but I don't know if it is American or European.  And I don't know if it was made in the 20s or if it is older. 

For larger dinners and brunches,  I send the hubby to pull out the something like 6 or 7 leaves that can end up filling our entire dining room!  But, my very favorite part of the room are the twelve black-lacquered queen anne style chairs, each featuring a unique hand-painted and gold-leafed scene.  They really need to be re-lacquered, but in a way the chips and aging are kind of charming.  There really is something magical about these chairs, which I treat like my babies... just ask my husband who teases me for my habit of obsessively reminding people to be careful with them.  I know, I know not great hostess behavior - I'll have to work on that!

As a young couple (do we still qualify as such?), we have been slowly working on our house since we moved in 4 years ago and this is the first room to feel finished.  Of course, for me, it is never really finished, but I'm in love with it for now and know I will be for a long time to come.  We call it our "grown up" room and I really do feel a little glamorous when I'm in it! 
India Table from Jan Showers Collection
Love my vintage mirrored lucite lamps that were a very kind gift from someone!

I wish I had a better picture of the antique chaise longue that sits in the window.  It has all the right curves and I love it!  The awesome coral linen velvet has even come full-circle to stylish again!  Lately this has become Patrick's song-writing perch... lovingly referred to as the psychiatry chair.

There are a few orders of business left though... and very important ones at that!  A chandelier - that must be fabulous!  And to reupholster the chairs which probably have the original 100 year old fabric on them... yikes!  After 2 years working for Jan Showers I unfortunately acquired expensive taste in chandeliers.  Hers are always to-die-for!!!  But unless I win the lottery or Patrick's record goes platinum I'm going to need to get realistic.  ;) 

Just for kicks, here are some dream chandeliers (all from 1st Dibs and all over $3500)...

1940's Brass Lotus

Vintage Venini

Vintage Murano

1930's Empire Design
Vintage Murano

Vintage Bagues

And here are a few more affordable options that I'm liking right now (pieces inc, oly studio, made goods, inside avenue)...
This asian palm chandelier would be gorgeous painted jade or coral with gold-leafing detail!

Wish this came in gold or green